The truth behind the filter

Instagram doesn’t just have the ability to filter our photos, it also filters our lives.

There is a saying.. ‘Happiness is found when we stop comparing ourselves to others”

Whether we admit it or not, most of us (myself included) spend a lot of time scrolling through our Instagram feed, gazing in awe of people with perfect looks, perfect homes or perfect families. The truth is, nobody’s life is perfect, we need to stop comparing ourselves to what we see on social media.

Whatever your struggle is in life, you will find yourself looking at people that appear to be acing that area. I like to call those people bastards. And it appears I am one of those bastards.

Whether you’re a new mum, wondering how other mums manage to clean their house, have a face full of make up, pristine hair and be enjoying a coffee morning with their friends by 9am, whilst you’re still in your dressing gown and up to your elbows in shit and vomit?!

Truth is, their baby probably woke up at 4am, so they’ve slapped on loads of make up to try and hide the suitcases hanging from their lower eyelids and dry shampooed the hell out of their hair. Then taken an airbrushed (yes there is an app for that) selfie to post on IG just so that everyone knows they’ve really got their shit together, before going to drink their body weight in coffee in order to stay alive and tell all their friends how much they love being a mummy!

The same goes for Instagram accounts showcasing our homes. Don’t get me wrong, I know neat freaks exist, and I am probably guilty of filtering my page to give that appearance. Truth is, you only see what I want you to see.

I have 2 boys (3.5 and 21 months) and making mess is their favourite pass time. Hands up, although my IG feed would disagree I am not a naturally tidy person, if I eat a yoghurt, guarantee the lid will be left on the side rather than put in the bin just a few feet away. I just can’t help it. Or I’ll put off putting the washing away for a few days, I will then feel overwhelmed with the amount I have to get done and feel like I spend all my time tidying up. I’m constantly battling against my own mess, but hey I’m only human!

Obviously nobody is going to photograph the huge pile of ironing currently sitting on their dining table, or a lounge full of toys. We wait until it’s tidy and then put photos on Instagram so that everybody can see what a pristine house we live in, whilst balancing children and jobs to make OURSELVES feel better.

Yes some people have a better eye for style, or money to buy the things we can only dream about having, but most of what we see or read on social media is superficial, but unfortunately that’s the world we now live in.

So let’s all (me included) take a little piece of advice, and take inspiration from others but stop comparing ourselves. We all excel in different areas and if your strength can’t be photographed and filtered then you’re envied by all of us.

Be yourself. Be happy.

Do you find yourself comparing your life or looks with others you see on IG or other social media? Please comment below or on my Instagram post. X

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