Home hacks (because every little helps)

One of my most popular searches on Pinterest has to be home hacks and tips. There are some really good ideas and in all honestly some terrible ones, but who doesn’t like a short cut or money saving tip when it comes to our homes?!

In this post I would like to share a few tips I do at home to save money.


As women, it’s our prerogative to change our minds on a regular basis, and that often includes the colour schemes in our homes.

Heres a little tip for when it comes to changing your cushions. Instead of buying loads of new scatter cushions (every mans favourite) spend a bit of money on feather inner cushions and just buy or make new cushion covers when you want to change the theme. Feather cushions will last longer and make your cushions look more expensive.

Window dressing

If you have large windows in your house and 1 pair of curtains just aren’t cutting it, buy a double rail! I didn’t know these existed until the people that used to live in our house left them behind! I put one pair of curtains on the front rail, and a pair of voile curtains on the back rail! It creates instant volume and makes the room feel warmer and fuller. I also absolutely love box style window valance’s and they look pretty easy to DIY on Pinterest, so they are on my to do list!

If you have roller blinds in your house, you can easily DIY yourself a new one by removing the fabric from the roller and cutting to size and replacing with new fabric. If you are handy with a sewing machine then hem the bottom so you can slide the metal strip from the old blind in to it to weigh it down, if not a strong glue will do the job! Saves you messing about with any fittings!

Yankee wax tarts

Now this is a tip I learnt from my fellow Instagrammers. When you buy a wax tart you will know you probably only get 2 or 3 goes out of it before it’s lost it’s smell, so here is a great tip to make them last longer. Break the wax in half, by doing this you get the same intensity of scent and it lasts twice as long! Now why didn’t I think of that!

Paint and spray paint

When changing your home decor, before you go out any buy all new things in the colour scheme you have decided on. Look around you, what can you keep and paint to match the new decor? You can either spray or use furniture paint on almost anything! Even fabric! So perfect for lamp and light shades! I have some antique gold spray paint on its way to me, so everything I set my eyes on will become gold! Hmm my children would make great Oscar awards!

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this post, and maybe learnt a new tip to try.

I would love to hear any that you have to save either time or money. Please comment on my Instagram @bettyscottage or on this post.

Sorry that there aren’t any photos, I haven’t got round to making my blog pretty yet! But I will I promise!


Thank you for reading.


Hayley x



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