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I haven’t blogged in over a month as my focus has been elsewhere, but I’m back now and ready to rant!

So I’m sure you’ve heard the recent news that Instagram are following in Facebook’s footsteps and changing our feeds from chronological order to most popular post first. This is bad news for users and I am yet to see a single positive comment in regards to the change.

This will be particularly hard on small businesses who use Instagram as a powerful marketing platform.

This is why I have decided to dedicate this blog post to small businesses that I have bought from recently that I may not have known existed had it not been for Instagram and the way it WORKS NOW. (Sorry for the caps, just enforcing my point in case the CEO of Instagram reads my little blog post 😂)

Firstly, I have to share my stunning Macrame wall hanging I got from Shop Brintage. This lovely lady is a busy mummy and makes these beautiful hangings in her spare time. I have tagged her account on my Instagram post, please check out her page and Etsy Shop too.

Macrame wall hanging from Shop Brintage – £35

Secondly, this is an Instagram page I have followed for a while. This lady makes gorgeous handmade quirky vintage style dresses. The quality is outstanding and I don’t know about you, but I love to wear something a little bit different.

The first dress I bought was a gorgeous tartan smock which I wear a lot. My most recent dress is this beautiful embroidered summer smock. Each one of this particular style is different, which is amazing.

Embroidered smock dress, Vintage Style Me, £43.


Thirdly, if you watched the Great Interior Design Challenge you may have seen this man grace your television. Luke Arthur Wells has an amazing online shop and it’s fair to say that I want everything on his website! I had to restrict myself and buy something small but I will definitely be back for more. I treated myself to this gorgeous ombré bamboo basket. I decided to store my plant in mine but they are extremely versatile and look amazing too.

Ombré bamboo basket, Luke Arthur Wells, £8

And last but not least, following the basket trend (I do love a basket.) You have probably seen these belly baskets all over Instagram at the moment. They are bang on trend, and not only pretty but practical too. I got my gold sequin belly basket from Southwood stores. They sell out fast, so if you see them in stock, grab it quick.

Sequin Belly Basket, Southwood Stores – £18.50

I have tagged these accounts on my Instagram page for you to check out. If you don’t follow me already, please do @bettyscottage.

Please comment on my post, your thoughts on the changes to Instagram and if you know of any great small business please feel free to tag their accounts.

Until next time…

Hayley x x

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