Choose two…

1. Your sanity

2. Happy children

3. A tidy house…

Something I have learnt since having children is that I cannot have all 3 of the above. And I wonder, do people that can have all 3 really exist?

We are half way through the second week of the Easter holidays and I’m starting to lose my shit a bit. I mean, 2 weeks off for Easter is completely unnecessary right?

I have 2 boys, 2 & 3 and they don’t stop… I mean DO NOT STOP.

Our first week off was great because the weather was nice, we had farm trips, forest treks and lovely dog walks. It felt so good to be outside, which resulted in the housework being neglected a bit, but it didn’t matter, it was sunny and everything is better when it’s sunny.

Blackwood Forest, Hampshire.

This week is another story, the weather is shite and it has made me realise how little indoor activities there are to do around where we live for 2 toddlers.

We went to soft play (again) yesterday, we were there for a good 90 minutes so afterwards I thought ‘sod it, they’ve had fun I’m going to have a cheeky look in T K Maxx’

Do you think they let me look? Of course they didn’t! My youngest did a high pitched scream for the entire time which resulted in the checkout lady mistaking him for a girl! 😂 Poor Mack!

Whilst my eldest, Rex, ran laps around the shop. I admit it, I was out of my depth.

I felt the need to make the usual excuses (out loud) in an attempt to wipe the judgemental looks off the starer’s faces. “You’re tired aren’t you?” or “I know, you don’t like shopping.” On the outside I was laughing it off but on the inside I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.

The fact of the matter is, sometimes kids are cute, sometimes they are arseholes, unfortunately the latter is normally in public. 🙈

Why didn’t we produce 2 little shopaholics like their mother? I swear as soon as boys are born they take them off for some kind of programming so that they cannot, under any circumstances, tolerate any kind of retail therapy, unless it’s for themselves. So unfair 😭

Today I have been trying to catch up on washing and general housework. It would probably help if didn’t have to keep washing Mack’s bedding because he CANNOT leave his willy alone. Even when sleeping, which results in him waking up soaked. Boys!!🙄

So last week I chose happy kids and my sanity…

This week however, I’ll be a crazy bitch with a tidy house and happy kids! 😜

Do you agree with this? Or do you hold the secret to be able to have all 3 things?

Please share your thoughts with me.


A slightly insane Hayley x

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