Treasure hunt Sunday

It’s my favourite time of year… Yes the weather has something to do with it, but it is also car boot season! Hooray!

Car boot sales all have a few things in common… The sound of a generator, the smell of burgers and rows and rows of stalls packed with bargains!

The good thing is, everyone is there for a different reason. Whether they are looking for something in particular or just going for something to do, it seems to attract A LOT of people.

I of course go for the vintage and home decor bits. And not because I can’t afford new stuff, but because I get a buzz out of hunting for treasure!

I normally go to two on a Sunday. First is Winchester cattle market which is my favourite. At Winchester you are guaranteed to find Vintage homeware and good quality items. The sellers are normally well spoken and often selling things from Hobbs, L K Bennett and Laura Ashley, to name a few.

You probably end up paying three times more than what you would at other car boot sales but it’s expected in Winchester, so that’s ok with me.

After Winchester I go to Andover car boot sale. This one is usually heaving with endless rows of sellers, and huge crowds of buyers. Everything is really cheap and you can normally find everything and anything.

I always look out for the elderly people as they are normally the ones selling the ‘old tat’ as my husband calls it.

I like to walk fast, and scan the stalls as I walk! If I see something I want I have to hide my excitement and if someone else has it in their hands…well…god help them! 😂 I’m like an animal, ready to pounce.

When I ask how much something is, if it’s more than I want to pay I have a little habit of pretending it’s for my mum and that she has wandered off 😂 it’s not for her, I’m normally on my own but it saves me looking like a tight arse.

Some things I can’t stand are twats that stand and have conversation right in the way of something I want, and people that walk right behind you so you feel like you can’t stop! I might as well have taken my husband as he likes to walk on my heels too! 😤

I have collected many great things over the years for our house from car boots, including Art Deco mirrors, vintage suitcases and amazing stoneware. My home is pretty full but I changed my decor regularly out of boredom so I’m always on the hunt.

Today I bought some gorgeous vintage jam jars, 2 for £3.

I got this black and gold retro magazine rack for £5. I think I’ll use it for something other than magazines but I’m not sure what yet, so if you have any suggestions please let me know.

I got this gorgeous gold mirror for £3. I umm’d and arrr’d about this as I already have a few gold mirrors that haven’t been hung yet, but for £3, I couldn’t say no.

And last but not least I got this little magazine table. It was in pretty bad condition but for 50p, who cares!

I cleaned it, sprayed it gold and added a marble effect on the top using vinyl paper from homebase! It’s like sticky back plastic! love it now!

Car boots are full of endless possibilities and amazing bargains. So if you have never been, why not look for your local one and give it a try! You never know what treasure you might find!

Thanks for reading…

Until next time…

Hayley X

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  1. Sue Thompson
    May 1, 2016 / 7:34 pm

    Love love the vintage jars ❤️ & the car boot finds are fabulous especially the mag rack you\’ve sprayed & added a different top ☺️ Xxx

    • May 1, 2016 / 7:35 pm

      Thank you Sue! I love my little jars too xx

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