A little bit of freedom goes a long way…

So as you already know I am a homeware addict. I’m constantly changing room decor and always on the look out for things to buy.

However just recently I’ve taken my focus off of homeware and started to focus on myself instead.

I never go out looking a mess but I probably don’t make the best of myself.

In my last post I wrote about ‘the no dinner diet’ that I’m doing. I’ve managed to lose 8lbs so far and I’m feeling so much more confident. I’ve even started to wear my hair down more (which takes a good hour to do.) It’s very thick and curly, and I look like Tina Turner before I get the straighteners on it! So many people have paid me compliments which of course is always welcomed, although I’m shit at accepting them.

I bought some size 12 petite jeans the other week that were a bit tight when I tried them on. I nearly took them back but I decided to try them on again on Friday and the fit was lovely! They felt great!

It’s amazing how a little weight loss can boost your confidence and allow you to feel happier within yourself.

This week I have felt desperate for some me time. Being a mum is hard work and sometimes it gets the better of me, especially when I’m due on. Just having a day to myself every now and then is a big deal so I try to soak up every second of freedom.

My parents very kindly had the boys over night last night and took them for a day out today.

So I put some fake tan on last night and dyed my hair today. It was meant to be red, but the only thing it coloured was my scalp and the bathroom! Bit annoyed now because I did actually like the colour my hair was before. Why do I do things like this?! 😫

I also met some friends for Brunch at Molly’s den (vintage warehouse) in Winchester this morning. We laughed because the two ladies I was with have both seen my ‘nu nu.’ No we didn’t have a lesbian encounter, they are midwives. One of them delivered Rex and the other one sewed me up afterwards! Awk!! 😳

Normally I’d be like a child in a sweet shop somewhere like Molly’s den, but instead I had a little look and then made a move. There is nothing I want at the moment apart from Botox and lip fillers! 😂

Jokes aside, I’m enjoying paying myself a bit of attention. I’m going to carry on with my diet and spend a bit of money on a new wardrobe!

Don’t worry I’m sure they’ll be some homeware purchases as well, I can’t go cold turkey on its arse! I’ll be sure to share them with you.

Thanks for reading.

Much love

Hayley x

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