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We all buy from mainstream high street stores and there is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it means that smaller businesses get over looked.

Thanks to the evolution of the Internet we are now spoilt for choice for where to shop, however by buying from a small business you are actually putting money back in to the economy and finding something a little unique for yourself. It’s a win win!

There are thousands of small businesses on Instagram, a lot of which I have had the pleasure of working with. Due to the nature of my Instagram page, they are of course mainly homeware stores that you may have heard of already. If not, then please check out their pages and websites because you can truly find some gorgeous pieces for your home.

Mia Fleur

Mia Fleur is a family run business, two daughters and their mother. I have just hosted a giveaway for them which was such a pleasure because their business is amazing. They have one of those shops where you want EVERYTHING which results in a little sulk because you can’t have it all! Here is a selection of some of my favourite things from their website…

I have a spotty feather wall hanging on the way from Mia Fleur which I’m so excited about! I will share it on my Instagram page once it’s here!

Whether you are an avid homeware buyer or just fancy something a little different then you absolutely need to check out their online shop. You will not be disappointed.

Lights 4 fun

Fairy lights, outdoor lights, novelty lights… You name it, they do it! I am absolutely over the moon with my copper wire fairy lights I received from Lights 4 fun. I have displayed them on the shelf in the alcove next to our fireplace. Because they are wire it makes them so easy to style in and around ornaments. I love the festoon lights they do too, so I think I’ll be ordering some of those!

Lights 4 fun – copper wire lights

Lights 4 fun – Festoon lights 

Their lights aren’t just for the home and garden of course, you can use them in wedding and party venues too! The possibilities are endless.

Tin Design

Tin Design is an eclectic homeware company run by a lovely female duo, Trudy and Tara. They actually have 2 separate pages on IG which I have tagged in my post for you to check out. The Tin Design website is another homeware store full of unique goodies where you will want one of everything! If you want to own something quirky and bang on trend then Tin Design will be right up your street.

I got a gorgeous soap stone votive for our botanical bedroom which I absolutely adore. The quality is outstanding and I love that it can’t be found in every high street shop I walk in to.

Whax candles

Whax candles is a sleek brand founded by partnership, Daniel and Doug. If you are a Jo Malone candle lover then you absolutely have to try a Whax candle. They are handmade and have a celebrity fan base including Liz Hurley and Hugo Taylor so they must be doing something right! It’s always a risk buying a candle online because no matter how good the ingredient description is, you won’t know what it smells like until it arrives. However, I’ve had two candles from Whax Candles so far and I have to say they have such a sophisticated scent to them and they last ages too which is a huge bonus.

I highly recommend the Bamboo and White grapefruit candle, it is their best seller and I can absolutely see why! Mine has burnt down now but I have kept it because I can still smell it in the room even though it’s not lit.

The second candle I got was the black pepper one. I kind of imagined it would smell like black pepper,however it didn’t and that was because black pepper is just one of the contributing ingredients. It actually exceeded my expectations and was just as sophisticated as the Bamboo and white grapefruit.

These candles make great gifts or a treat for yourself, so head over to the Whax Candle website and enjoy free delivery using my code FREESHIPPING 😘

Cotton ball lights

Cotton ball lights is a lighting brand like no other. Their string lights are exactly what their name suggests, cotton balls. They are extremely versatile and the great thing is you can choose any colour combination to match your decor. When they arrive you have to assemble them by cutting a small hole in the cotton ball and pushing the light in to them. I personally loved doing this, and don’t fear it’s not difficult or fiddly at all.

I chose colours to compliment our bedroom, and decided to hang them on our headboard, they give the room such a nice atmosphere when it’s dark.

Here are some inspirational photos of other ways they can be displayed…

Not forgetting they also do a larger lamp version! Check out this beauty…

I know each and everyone of these amazing businesses would appreciate a follow on Instagram and a browse on their website, so if you can spare some time then please do check them out as you won’t be disappointed.

It’s really important to support small businesses so let’s all do our bit and broaden our horizon’s when it comes to online shopping as you really can find some amazing products.

Until next time

Hayley x x

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