Bloom and Wild

People have mixed opinions of flowers. Some people love them and buy them regularly and other claim they are a waste of money.

My opinion is, go by how they make you feel. They make me feel so happy and you can’t put a price on happiness! An amazing bouquet of flowers is so valuable to me and that is why I cannot recommend Bloom and Wild enough.

I’ve been lucky enough to receive two letterbox bouquets from them now and have not been disappointed. Each time I have been astonished at how many flowers they can fit in to the boxes that go through your letterbox. Not only that, the packaging is of a really high standard, and the larger flowers come with a protective netting on the head. Bloom and wild have hit the jackpot when it comes to the future of sending flowers!

The below bouquet is called The Elodie and you can buy it by Clicking here.

If like me, you are a flower lover, you can have bloom and wild flowers sent to you on a subscription basis, there are loads of options so check out which one works best for you. The subscriptions also make a great gift! I know I’d be chuffed if someone bought me a flower subscription. Find out more about subscriptions by Clicking here.

I think the nice thing about their bouquets, is you get the chance to arrange them yourself, and don’t worry if you have never done it before because you can’t really go wrong.

Bloom and Wild are definitely my go to place for special, gorgeous bouquets.
Until next time
Hayley X

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