Why you should join The National Trust…

I’ll be honest I’d never given the national trust much thought before I joined.

I knew it existed and it is renowned for attracting elderly people dressed as a modern day Christopher Columbus, but I didn’t know much more than that.

Since I bought my Nikon camera I’ve discovered that flowers are my favourite thing to shoot. So during the summer holidays I was searching for things to do outside with my boys that I could tie in with a bit of photography. That’s when the National Trust came up.

I was surprised at how many sites there were around where we live, and how beautiful they all were. I was even more shocked at how little it costs for a membership. I pay just over £5 a month for me and my two sons (2 & 4) and with that membership with can visit any national trust and at any time.

Hinton Ampner 

Hinton Ampner 

There are loads of family friendly places, and sometimes taking your kids back to basics and just letting them run on a beautiful green with other children is all they need.

A lot of the national trust sites have houses you can explore. I was nervous of taking my very active children in to the one at Hinton Ampner but as soon as we entered the boys were given picture cards of something to find in each room, it really helped keep them under control and interested in what we were looking at.

Hinton Ampner 

If you live near Berkshire then I can really recommend Clivedon. It has beautiful gardens, loads to do for children and even free pushchairs to hire for babies and toddlers. It is absolutely huge and we will need to go back as only saw a fraction of it whilst we were there.

I’m looking forward to exploring more of the National Trust sites, they have such a sense of peacefulness about them as well as being visually stunning! I can totally recommend signing up!

If you would like to join The Natuonal Trust or find out more information then Click here.

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