30 things to expect in your 30s

I’m 32 and since turning 30 I genuinely haven’t felt happier. I’m content with who I am and what I have achieved and it feels great. There is however a lot of stigma around turning 30 and lots of people fear it. If you are in your 20s then here is a list of 30 things to expect in your 30s, if you are already in your 30s then you should be able to relate…

  1. You tend to give less of a shit about what people think of you than you did in your twenties, and even lesser of a shit than you did in your teens.
  2. Your wallet will contain a national trust membership card. 
  3. You will also display a NT membership sticker in your car because well… (see point 1) 
  4. You will evaluate your current job choice and find yourself taking an online career quiz you found on Facebook. 
  5. Garden centres are considered acceptable places to socialise.
  6. Because of point 5 you will also start to take an interest in gardening and house plants. 
  7. When someone suggests a night out, your first thought is the hangover. 
  8. You have more options when shopping as Marks and Spencer and Debenhams start to become appealing. 
  9. You find yourself saying ‘look at that view’ 
  10. When you buy hair dye you look for ‘100% grey coverage’
  11. A night out is a meal at a restaurant and home by 9pm.
  12. You take an interest in interest rates.
  13. You find yourself googling Botox prices.
  14. You realise that you are now too old to wear most of the stuff in Topshop. 
  15. You think the 90s was like 10 years ago.
  16. You have no idea who is number one in the charts. 
  17. Your friends have decreased in quantity but increased in quality.
  18. You’ll discover a new found respect for your parents.
  19. And even find you have things in common (see point 2 and 5)
  20. No that is not a shadow on your upper lip… 😳
  21. You’ll find teenagers really annoying. 
  22. You’ll moan about your bad back / neck / body part almost daily. 
  23. You’ll be really happy when you get ID’d for alcohol. 
  24. And if you don’t you’ll find yourself doing point 13.
  25. If you’ve had kids you will no longer be able to bounce on a trampoline. 
  26. Tea and coffee will be your main source of water. 
  27. You’ll swap bikinis for tankinis.
  28. You will feel sick when you find out you were in senior school when your co workers were BORN. 
  29. The weather app is the first thing you check in the morning. 
  30. You read all the reviews before you buy anything! 

Now some of you might think that being in your thirties sounds damn right boring, and if my 21 year old self had read this list I probably wouldn’t have made it to 30. However, rest assure because I can honestly say being in your thirties is amazing, well for me it is anyway. 

Until next time 
Hayley x



  1. July 21, 2017 / 12:58 pm

    I felt so anxious about turning 28! I think that there is way to much emphasis on age in society and I don\’t think I will ever be too old to shop in Topshop! I started to get aches and pains at 25, the NT theatre was my fave when i was under 25, (£5 tickets for all plays!) and Ive always loved a good old garden centre! Loving this blog 😊

    • July 21, 2017 / 1:13 pm

      Thank you! Ha ha I agree with the Topshop thing most of the time, however after two kids I definitely wouldn\’t wear the crop tops they have all over the shop! 🙈 thanks for reading xx

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