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I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas, it seems to creep up on us so promptly making the years feel shorter and shorter. I do love Christmas though, when I was a child I would always go to the garden centre with my dad and choose the perfect tree to sit in front of our patio doors. We would get the decorations that we have owned for years out of the loft ( I can remember the smell of the tinsel like it was yesterday ) and decorate the tree, once that was done I knew the festive period had really begun.

I always loved having a real Christmas tree back then, but I think artificial trees have come a long way and if you get a decent one, not only will it mimic a real tree, it will last you for years too. Wayfair have so many Christmas trees to chose from, different heights, different colours, ones with lights, ones with snow, the choice really is yours.


When choosing lights, I always opt for warm white and lots of them. There is nothing cosier than sitting in your living room during the evening with a well lit Christmas tree in sight. No matter what your preference is with fairy lights, Wayfair will have you covered with their selection.

Generally we don’t decorate the outside of our house but if we did I would choose these icicle lights

In regards to decorations, I tend to stick to metallics and white, i’m not sure why I play it safe because I don’t with our decor, I just think a neutral tree looks more sophisticated in my opinion.

To achieve this look, you need to start with plain baubles like these in gold, silver, copper and white and then add more decorative ornaments. I think more is more when it comes to decorating your tree, so fill your boots.

We are lucky enough to have a fireplace which I love to decorate around Christmas time. Last year I made a fresh garland using blue pine, eucalyptus, orange slices and pine cones. It looked and smelt so good but I am swaying towards a good faux garland this year as it’s more practical. Wayfair have an abundance of garlands to choose from, some aren’t decorated like this one so that you can put your own stamp on it.

Another must have decoration for me is a wreath, I like to make my own but you can buy some lovely intricate ready made wreaths these days, so if you’re not feeling creative or just simply don’t have time to make one then check out this selection at Wayfair.

On Christmas day once everyone is awake, we all go downstairs and allow our boys to open their presents. First they open their stockings like these , then we take it in turns to open our presents under the tree.

After present opening we always drive over to my parents house for Christmas dinner. Now i’m an adult and I love food, this is one of my favourite parts of the day. I remember last year I was really poorly with tonsillitis and couldn’t eat my Christmas dinner, it looked amazing as well, so I will definitely be making up for that this year.

Do you have any family traditions around Christmas time? If so i’d love to hear about them.

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*This post is sponsored by Wayfair but all views and opinions are my own.


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