My Bedroom makeover

My Bedroom makeover

I know what you might be thinking, you only gave your bedroom a makeover a year ago, yes i’m a nightmare, but if a room just doesn’t feel right then I HAVE to change it.

Our old bedroom used to get quite messy so whilst planning this makeover I tried to think of storage solutions to hide all of the clutter. Also my husband, Jordan had a chest of drawers in Mack’s room for his clothes as we just didn’t have room in our bedroom for anymore furniture, so that is something I had to overcome so that Mack could have his whole room back.

This is what our bedroom looked like before the makeover…

Before I started the room I did what I always do and designed a mood/sample board, so that I could plan exactly what I wanted to buy without making any costly mistakes.

Here is our bedroom now….

We have an alcove in our bedroom so I thought of making some cupboards to hold our clothes, maybe with some sliding doors to save space. It was hard to find all the components to make them in the right size for the space so I decided to turn to trusty old IKEA. I knew they offered self build wardrobes so had a look and ended up buying two double wardrobe shells the exact depth of the alcove, along with some panelled doors. The wardrobes have a number of shelves in them so we use them for our clothes that used to be in drawers, which is working really well as we have a lot more space due to the height of them.

Originally I had planned to paint them grey so they looked less ‘Ikea’ but ended up leaving them white to match the walls. I got some latches from ebay to compliment the metal knobs on the 1930s cottage doors throughout our house.

I knew I wanted to paint a feature ceiling because I wanted to give the room a bit of interest without losing the bright white walls. It just so happens that shortly before I started I won a competition with Farrow and Ball where the prize was 10 ltrs of paint in any colour or finish. This was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make ha ha, it took me months to decide which colour to paint the ceiling but opted for Green Smoke and i’m so happy with the result.

After falling in love with a gorgeous iron bed frame only to discover that it doesn’t come in super king size *eye roll*, I had to move on to plan b which was to find a rug to go over the headboard. My search for one seemed to consume every free evening I had, scrolling through websites not only to find the perfect rug, but to find the perfect rug that looked good along side the green smoke ceiling that I had committed to. I didn’t just want to go with monochrome, I mean it would have been the easiest option, but it felt like a cop out. I love colour, so the search continued. The one I ended up buying was one that I kept going back to throughout the whole process, nothing compared to it so I bit the bullet and placed my order. It’s a screen printed vintage style rug called ‘poppy field’ from French connection.

Although I had unconventionally bought a rug for my headboard, I still actually needed a rug for the floor. This was easier as I had a vision of what I wanted, a neutral Moroccan style Berber rug which I ended up purchasing from La Redoute.

I spent months and months looking for a vintage ladder, you’d be surprised how hard they are to get hold of for a decent price. I was so chuffed when I saw one on Gumtree local to me, I snapped it up quickly and have used it to display my throws, which are both from Homesense.

My bedside table was something I ummed and arred over for long time (no wonder these makeovers take me so long) eventually I opted for a vintage school locker style shelving unit from Nkuku. You should check out their website as everything is utterly gorgeous and unique.

Above the shelving unit are some light brackets I made using Vintage Rulers from Beulah’s attic in Hampshire. Don’t ask me what gave me the idea to use them for this purpose, it just popped in to my head when I saw them. The cord pendant lights were custom made by an amazing company called Dowsing & Reynolds who not only sell lighting, but hardware and paint too. They were incredibly attentive and allowed me to choose what I wanted my lights to look like, which were made and shipped to me within a few days, I honestly can’t praise them enough. The quality and style of my new pendant lights exceeded my expectations, i’m so pleased with them. Please check our their Instagram page here.

Because of the ceiling and the headboard rug being the main features in the room I wanted to keep the bedding neutral in colour but varied in texture. Our new duvet cover is from Piglet in bed it is made from stonewashed natural linen that gets softer and softer with wear. The quality is so luxurious and low maintenance. Their bedding comes in a range of sizes and colours so if that relaxed linen look is what you are looking for, then they are definitely worth checking out. You can find them on Instagram here.

Now you have probably spotted the velvet throw placed across the end of the bed, isn’t she a beauty! It’s one of my favourite things in the room, I love it so much. Let me put you out of your misery and tell you where I got it. It’s from Christy Home who not only sell stunning velvet throws in a range of colours, they also sell bedding, towels, cushions and dressing gowns. Basically everything you could possibly need to allow you to live your best life in your bedroom and your bathroom. Please follow them on Instagram here.

Because the French Connection rug is so detailed I didn’t want loads of cushions on the bed to take the eye away from it so I just went with one show shopping boho style one from Ian Snow. Now I can’t believe I had never discovered Ian Snow before. When I eventually came across them during the rug search I was so excited. They sell a range of Fair trade products so if like me, you love boho style along with unique finds then you need to check them out. Ian Snow have so much to offer including, Rugs, homeware, cushions, furniture, vintage furniture and even clothing and accessories. Please find them on Instagram here.

I had big plans for the other side of the room, which unfortunately are going to take a little longer, so keep your eyes peeled for that, however let me show you what I have done so far.

I knew I wanted a large print on the wall and when I saw this print called Hidden Gem from Juniqe (who stock an amazing range of prints and posters btw) I just knew it was the one. Juniqe are a liftstyle brand for curated and affordable art based in Berlin. Have a little browse at their Instagram feed, you won’t be disappointed.

Under the print is a rather stunning chair from Cult Furniture. Now if you have never heard of Cult Furniture, then you have seriously been missing out. They have the ‘coolest’ furniture, accessories and lighting for every style and taste, and more importantly it’s both stylish and affordable. Please find them on Instagram here.

And last but never least, I have finished the room off with a variety of plants, which I always add to bring a room to life.

I hope you have enjoyed looking around our new bedroom, please let me know what you think over on my Instagram @iamhayleystuart.

Until next time

Hayley x

*Some of the items within this post have been kindly gifted to me, however all views and opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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