Is your home spending your money?

Can you imagine a life without electricity? Walking around your home at night with only a candle for a light source? No? Me neither!

Arriving home after a long day at work, switching the light on then turning the kettle on to enable you to enjoy a nice hot brew. Cooking yourself some dinner and then winding down in front of the TV. These are things we all do, everyday, but also things that we all take for granted.


Another thing we take for granted is that our energy supplier has our best interests at heart and that our home isn’t spending all of our money.

Most of us stick with the same energy suppliers for years because the thought of switching over feels overwhelming and task driven.

Our Power is a not for profit energy supplier and their new +IMPACT tariff aims to help the four million British households that are fuel poor and may have to choose whether to HEAT or EAT. Imagine having to make that choice?

+IMPACT is about putting power in your hands. The more customers Our Power have, the lower their prices are – for you and for others living in fuel poverty. For every new home that switches to +IMPACT, you’ll help Our Power to heat a lower-income or fuel-poor house for an extra 54 days*

*Based on the average saving in days that could be generated for direct debit and pre-pay customers currently paying for electricity and gas on a big six standard variable tariff (54 days).


Our Power are owned by social housing providers, community organisations and local authorities, and their aim is to make energy fairer for all members of society.

A smart meter in your home will enable Our Power to offer personal, tailored and confidential advice on the best ways to get value for money from energy used in your home, to stay warm and to save money. You will easily see how much energy you are using and how much you are spending. Sounds good huh?

Our Power will make it easier to pay for energy, with more flexible ways to top up (for example using apps, by phone or online). Our Power have lots of information on their website about our smart meters, how they work, how to make payments, and how to make the most of the information available through the meter.

What if I told you that all you needed to provide in order to make the switch over to Our Power was your postcode, a recently energy bill, ten minutes of your time and the rest would be taken care of for you? Doesn’t sound too intimidating does it?

Did I mention that Our Power also provide power that is green and ethically sourced too?

For more info visit the Our Power website.

Don’t allow your home to spend all of your money, switch over to Our Power and you’ll see the difference.

Until next time,


*This is a sponsored post with Our Power but all views and opinions are my own.


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