Office Space Goals…

Office Space Goals…

Office Space Goals is an interesting saying, because technically it means something different for everyone, depending on your taste.

Recently I had a seriously thorough de-cluttering session on the boys toys. They are only 20 months apart, so they more or less play with the same things, which made getting rid of stuff much easier. Most of their toys used to live in our under stair area that is situated between our living room and dining room, but it got to the point where there were so many toys in there, they couldn’t get to anything, let alone see what they had. Once I started to clear the toys, I had a brain wave to transform the space in to an office area for me to work from.

Our house isn’t overly big and all the rooms are of a modest size so fitting a desk in to any of our rooms would be a tricky task. Putting one under the stairs seemed like the perfect solution.

Just call me Hayley Potter!

The first thing I did was paint the area white, it was a gross magnolia before.

I began looking for a Persian runner to add a bit of interest in to the space. After a lot of searching I eventually found one in my local vintage shop, Ollies of Whitchurch. It’s exactly the right length as well! Bonus!

A company called Tiptoe very kindly gifted me some of their revolutionary table legs. In case you haven’t heard of them before, they are table legs that require no tools, apart from an Allan key. They basically clamp on to the table top, and then you tighten them up, so simple!

The table top was a left over shelf from an ikea wardrobe that my dad found in his workshop, so I got that for free! Thanks dad! 🙂

I love to clash patterns, so I got 2 gorgeous full sized tile samples from Walls and Floors ltd for £2.99 each to place on top of the table top. Luckily they were the perfect width for the space.

The red velvet chair I picked up from Molly’s Den in Winchester for a bargain £25. It’s so comfortable and the perfect size.

The print that actually used to be in the dining room is from King and McGaw, I love it so much!

And last but not least the Edison light is from Dowsing and Reynolds.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how I have transformed this space.

Until next time,



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