How to make a simple macrame plant hanger with Hobbycraft – AD

How to make a simple macrame plant hanger with Hobbycraft – AD

You all know how much I love a DIY or upcycle project, so when Hobbycraft asked me to do a tutorial on how to make a simple macrame plant hanger I was thrilled.

This tutorial is for a beginner, because before I made these plant hangers, I had never made one before and let’s just say, after this, I will never buy one again because it is so easy to make them.

Ok, so to make a simple macrame plant hanger this is what you will need…

  1. Cut 4 strands of yarn about 6ft long and then find the middle and fold in half so that you now have 8 strands 3ft long.
  2. Attach the D-ring and pull each individual piece of yarn tightly as this works better than tightening as one big knot.
  3. Divide the yarn in to pairs, thread on a bead and tie a knot.
  4. Grab one piece of yarn from each pair and tie it to it’s next door neighbour (as I like to call it) a few inches lower than your first knots.
  5. Continue this process until you have tied each piece to it’s next door neighbour.
  6. Then a few more inches down, repeat this process so it starts to resemble a spiders web pattern.
  7. Once all four pairs have been knotted, move down and repeat.
  8. Tie all the pieces of yarn together at the bottom.
  9. Then insert your plant pot.
  10. You may need to trim the tassel at the bottom if some ends are longer.

Once I had made my first plant hanger and realised how simple it was, I decided to have a go at plaiting the yarn.

In order to plait them I needed 6 x 6ft strands of yarn this time, folded in half to make 12.

I separated the yarn in to 4×3 and began to plait.

Once I had 4 plaits, I began to knot, only this time, tying 2 strands to 1 next door neighbour.

I repeated this process until I got near the bottom, where I tied all the yarn together in a large knot.

I’m so happy that I now know how to make these macrame plant hangers and honestly can’t stress how easy it is, everyone should give this a go!

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*This is a paid partnership with Hobbycraft but all views and opinions are my own.


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