How to make a bamboo mirror…

How to make a bamboo mirror…

Whilst browsing in Homebase today I spotted some curved bamboo supports for £2.25 for 3 and knew I could make something with them. I picked up a few bundles and walked around the shop looking for some inspiration as to what that could be.

Eventually, I found myself in the bathroom section looking at a plain round mirror priced at £15.50 and thinking I can definitely make this in to a beautiful, bamboo mirror.

Inspired by the 70s, bamboo mirrors are everywhere at the moment and I couldn’t wait to make my own DIY version.

This was my inspiration…

Sunburst Mirror – La Redoute £42.00

Natural Bamboo mirror – Trouva £79.49

When I got home I got out everything I needed to make the mirror and began to experiment with how I could attach the bamboo to the mirror.

To begin with, I cut the bottom half off of the bamboo and began to tie the ends together to make them more curved, then started to glue them to the back using a hot gun. This didn’t really work though as all the bamboo was too clunky on top of each other and would have been really difficult to hang, so I decided to remove it all and start again.

I then cut a few more inches off of the ends of the bamboo and glued them straight on to the mirror.

I then overlapped the next piece of bamboo creating a petal effect.

I repeated this process until all the way around which took around 9 or 10 pieces of curved bamboo.

Hot glue guns can be quite messy but as the back of the mirror won’t be seen I wasn’t feeling to precious about that.

Once all the bamboo was attached I found a strong hold stick on fixing that I had in my cupboard and attached it to the back of the mirror.

Once our bathroom is finished I think I’ll hang it in there but until then it can live in our newly decorated porch.

Excuse the finger print marks, I was keen to get the images done before the light disappeared.

I’m so pleased with how it has turned out and it was really therapeutic to make despite the trial and error process.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how I made my DIY bamboo mirror.

Until next time,

Hayley x



  1. Kyra
    July 14, 2022 / 7:05 pm

    Hey! How did you hang this mirror? I’m assuming it would be too heavy to hang from one of the bamboo arches especially since you only used hot glue to secure… Id love to recreate this!

    • Iamhayleystuart
      July 31, 2023 / 2:49 pm

      I attached a strong self adhesive hook on the back.

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