My bathroom revamp…

My bathroom revamp…

AD – This post contains gifted items.

Wow… where do I start?

Our bathroom was in a desperate need of a face lift, so I started looking at ideas of how I could give it a bit of a revamp without ripping the whole thing out (our house is a long term rental so although it’s our home, for obvious reasons we can’t make structural changes.)

The Tiles

The white tiles that I had previously covered with tile stickers were cracked and generally looking tired so replacing them was my starting point.

Our bathroom before the revamp

Tiles for bathrooms and kitchens need to be timeless to a certain extent because they’re not something anyone wants to be changing on a regular basis.

I opted for a Craquele Mint tile that were kindly gifted by Tile Mountain.

I love how these tiles have an uneven edge and a cracked effect to give them a handmade feel. The Craquele tile comes in other colours too including grey, white and blue.

I decided that I wanted them to be applied vertically and inline to give them a more contemporary look.

My dad very kindly and carefully installed them for me and did an amazing job!

Once I’d chosen the tiles I made a moodboard to help me plan how I wanted the room to look, but as the plans evolved I felt really unsure about the choices I’d made and something just didn’t feel right so I decided to play about with the colour scheme until I was happy and I’m so glad I did as I love the palette in this room.

The Sink

As you can see from the before photo we previously had an old fashioned pedestal sink so I was desperate to look at other options.

Our bathroom sink before the revamp

I really liked floating vessel sinks but was unsure about the plumbing side of things and whether it was possible without having to make huge changes.

After seeking some advice and doing a bit of research online I discovered it could be done! Hooray! I didn’t fancy just buying a sink though I wanted to use my creativity and make one instead, (because buying one is too easy, right?)

I started looking at things I could make the bowl from and that’s when I came across a concrete planter from Hortology for around £36.

I’ll admit I was nervous about a hole being drilled in to it for the plug without it shattering but luckily it was fine. Phew!

I then got a wall unit from Ikea for it to sit on and a tall tap from Amazon.

I have painted the sink and then sealed it using PVA to make it waterproof which has worked really well.

The sink is definitely one of my favourite parts about the room. What do you think?

The Floor

Now the floor was previously a textured, peach coloured vinyl with a tile effect. Not my taste at all.

I sent a bespoke tile design to the stencil gods themselves, Dizzy Duck Designs, who then created a stencil version for me.

After priming I used emulsion to paint the floor.

The colours I used for the floor were an off white for the base because I didn’t want the contrast to be too high and then for the pattern I’ve used a terracotta shade and a more muted brown mixed.

The Walls

I freshened up the walls with Dulux Brilliant White because it’s crisp and fresh. Also, because we rent, should we move, brilliant white is a universal paint shade making it easier to touch up as opposed to a mixed colour.

I then created a feature on the wall using Dulux Cinnamon Sprinkle to frame some prints of all of our star signs that I bought from Cai and Jo who’s style I absolutely love.

Colour blocking is really on trend at the moment and so it should be as the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating something amazing using paint.

The Shutters

Another favourite of mine in this room are the decorative shutters.

We originally had a boring blind in here so it’s really lovely to have something special in the window.

The shutters were very kindly gifted from a company called Jali who are an amazing bespoke furniture company that create 100% unique furniture that you can personalise to fit your style and home. You should definitely check them out!

The cupboard

Instead of buying a new cupboard I thought I would upcycle the old one, because it’s the perfect size for the space and was in full working order.

The cupboard before (excuse the awful photo)

I painted it in Dulux Sumatran Melody 4 (the same colour as the sink) in eggshell, which is lovely and thick and a really gorgeous peachy pink colour.

I have replaced the fabric with a mesh metal sheet that has a lovely intricate design on it.

The airing cupboard door has also seen a lick of paint using one of the colours I used on the floor, Cinnamon Sprinkle but this time in eggshell, which is recommended for internal wood.

The Rug

I searched Etsy high and low for probably months to try and find a rug to pull the whole room together. I had my heart set on having a vintage rug in the bathroom from the very beginning of this process and wouldn’t rest until I found one. The chosen rug was from Turkey and a bit of a risk to purchase without seeing it first, but I had to trust the images on the internet were true to life and go with my gut! Luckily I couldn’t have been happier when it turned up.

The earth tones really compliment the floor and the greens pick up the wall tiles. It’s exactly what I wanted.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I’ve been up to for the past few months. I’m so so so happy with the finished room and always smile when I walk in there, it’s definitely a firm favourite out of all my makeover.

If I’ve not included info about something you’ve seen in the room please feel free to ask me any questions.

I’d love to know what you love most about this room?

Until next time,




  1. Vanessa
    December 1, 2019 / 9:42 am

    Love the colour combination and ingenious ideas of adding pattern through the shutters, stencil and the metal mesh. Truly inspiring! Can I ask, where did you get the metal mesh from? How tall does unit below the sink need to be?

  2. Julia
    November 24, 2020 / 10:52 am

    Hi ! Love what you’ve done here. Looking at possibly doing our sink. Which Ikea cabinet is this. Thankyou for all tour wonderful inspiration.

  3. Jana
    April 14, 2023 / 7:41 pm

    where is that cute basket from? with the toilet paper in it?

    • Iamhayleystuart
      July 31, 2023 / 2:47 pm

      It’s from a company called Artisanne.

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