Choosing a colour scheme with Dulux {Ad}

Choosing a colour scheme with Dulux {Ad}

This post is a paid partnership with Dulux.

Since revealing my bathroom revamp which is my most recent room makeover that I worked on with Dulux, so many people have said how much they love the paint colours I used, so I thought I would do a blog post to share how I came to choose the colour scheme for my bathroom along with some tips on finding your perfect palette too.

The first thing I did was head over to Pinterest for some initial ideas. I took inspiration from lots of things, not just other bathrooms as I think it’s so important to look further than the room you are decorating. I created a board and then pinned anything and everything that caught my eye colour wise.

Once I had a board full of colour I started to look for patterns in what I was pinning. By doing this, I discovered I had been pinning a lot of warm terracotta tones contrasted against cool green’s but there was one image that I pinned that really caught my eye, where I just thought, yep that’s it! Thats the scheme I want! Strangely it was an image of a pair of earrings.

Image – Pinterest

I must stress, this is never an overnight process, I played around with loads of palettes before deciding on this one, so be prepared to spend some time on it.

Another place to look for inspiration, is your own home. What kind of colour palette are you normally drawn to? Could you extract a shade you typically use and pair it with other colours to create a whole new palette? This is something I tend to do so that flows seamlessly with the rest of the house.

If after this you’re still struggling with some inspiration, then I recommend heading over to the Dulux website, as on the front page it asks you if you have some colours in mind or whether you would like some ideas. If you need some ideas, there are loads of helpful articles about not only choosing a colour palette, but about which products to choose too, depending on what you’re painting.

Because I knew roughly which colours I was after I clicked straight on the ‘I have some colours in mind’ button and to say I wasn’t prepared for the amount of choice that greeted me was an understatement. You can search by popular colours or colours to be mixed. One thing I did notice whilst browsing for paint was that the colours I was after weren’t necessary under the colour palette I thought they would be, I think this is because they are categorised by their undertones, so I recommend looking at all the colours in case you miss the perfect shade for your room.

Be aware that the colours on your phone/computer screen will probably appear slightly different compared to the paint once mixed up, so I recommend screen shotting all the colours you like and then popping to your local Dulux Mix Lab for some tester pots. It’s important to try the paint in situ in the desired room as the light can affect the colour a lot. It’s also a good idea to distribute the sample paint on some paper or card, sticking them to the wall and moving them around the room as this will give you an idea of how the light affects the colour throughout the day. Alternatively, Dulux have an amazing visualiser app, where you can see what the colour will look like in the room before you commit to anything, it’s well worth downloading.

I had a few different shades mixed and finally decided on Cinnamon Sprinkle which is a gorgeous warm terracotta tone and Sumatran Melody 4, a stunning, soft, peachy pink. These two colours compliment each other really well and introduce warmth in to the room.


I freshened the walls up with Dulux ‘Pure Brilliant White emulsion’ because it’s fresh, bright and light. I knew I wanted to create a colour block feature using the Dulux ‘Cinammon Sprinkle‘ so ‘Pure Brilliant White’ would be a great contrast and ensure that stood out as much as possible.

Dulux also have loads of inspiration on their Instagram page, not just for colours but ideas on how to create a feature using paint (like colour blocking), which is really on trend at the moment.

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to pick the perfect colour palette.

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