My stencilled patio take 2…

My stencilled patio take 2…

Wow I’ve had an amazing response to my newly stencilled patio makeover over on Instagram, so I thought this would be a good way to answer all of your questions.

Ok, let’s start by telling you why I’ve repainted the patio. The path in particular has lifted quite a lot in some areas, I could have repainted using the same paint and pattern but I fancied a change and saw this as an opportunity to do so. If you’ve been a follower or reader of my blog long enough, you might remember I first stencilled my patio 2 years ago. As explained in my original blog post ‘How to stencil your path or patio,’ I struggled to find any info on painting or stencilling patio slabs back then, so had to use my common sense. At the time I just bought bog standard masonry paint and I had no idea that type of paint needed to be above 10 degrees to cure, hence why I think it lifted. But I’ve learnt a lot since then.

Original stencilling

2 years on, the patio itself wasn’t looking too bad but the path had worn quiet a lot. In every blog post I’ve written regarding stencilling outside, I always stress, it’s not a one time job, you HAVE to be prepared for maintenance. Don’t be put off though, because if you do it well, it looks incredible.

Let me tell you what I did differently this time. The first thing I did after cleaning was to apply a coat of primer. Now I used Dulux multi surface primer for interior and exterior (aff link) which I watered down slightly as it’s very thick. Once dry, I applied 2 coats of Dulux Weathershield smooth masonry paint in brilliant white (aff link) and the coverage was brilliant, so thick and lovely to paint with. I used a large masonry roller which worked really well. For the pattern I used Dulux Weathershield masonry paint in the colour Folk Tales, which is the same colour as I have on my bedroom walls. I got this from Brewers who have lots of other colours available in that range too.

I created the pattern using a stencil from Dizzy Duck Designs (aff link) and the pattern is called Samara. Dizzy Duck Designs are an incredible small business that have helped transform so many peoples homes (including mine) using their stencils, so please check them out.

As previously mentioned, I recently discovered masonry paint needs to be above 10 degrees (for 30 days I think) to be able to cure properly, so I have had to wait until now for the nights to warm up and the rain to stop to be able to do this. I’m really hoping it makes a difference this time around as well as using a primer which I didn’t do previously.

Last time I stencilled my patio, I also sealed with patio seal. Everyone always asks about sealing it and if I’m completely honest, I think all that patio seal really does is protect from stains etc. It’s so watery and thin, I don’t think it really provides a hardwearing layer. I haven’t put any on my patio yet, but I do plan to once I’ve painted our path. You can get patio seal from any DIY store, and no it doesn’t make them slippery.

You will have noticed I have a new pergola too, which I’m writing a ‘how to’ blog post for this week, so please hold tight for that.

Ok, now for the fun part…. the decor.

Lots of you LOVED the drapes I’ve put on the pergola. I made these by cutting some outdoor fabric in to strips and then weaving in and out of the rafters. I have used drawing pins to secure as a temporary measure, but will staple them soon using a staple gun, as I plan to install a clear, corrugated roof over the top of them. I got the fabric for the drapes from eBay. I ordered 10 metres and had lots left over so I used some to replace the fabric in my deck chairs. This was really easy to do as I just took the original fabric out and used it as a pattern.

My furniture was an amazing find on Facebook marketplace a few years ago, so I can’t help source the same I’m afraid, although looking for garden furniture during the winter months is the best advice I can offer as you can find some amazing deals. My gorgeous, vintage, Turkish rug is from an amazing company called Boho Flea Market on Etsy, who got the rug to me in lightening speed, it looked exactly like the photos and I think you can agree is perfect for the space.

All the cushions apart from the long one on the bench are from (pr product) who have some really gorgeous soft furnishings for incredible prices. The long one is from Etsy.

I got the crates from my local garden centre which is Rosebourne in Andover, Hampshire that I used to create some shelving. I’ve been asked if I’ve treated them, to which I replied, nope ha ha! I’d rather buy them all again in a few years than sit and stain them all. I could be accused of being lazy, but I stencilled a patio (twice) so I think that cancels out that allegation!

I have added pops of green using Cuprinol Sage on the door, a green and white hammam towel from Etsy and an abundance of plants (mainly from Lidl.)

I think I’ve covered everything but I’d there’s anything you’d like to know that I haven’t mentioned, please let me know.

Until next time, Hayley.


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