Mack’s Bedroom Makeover…

Mack’s Bedroom Makeover…

{ad} I recently gave my 7 year old son’s bedroom a much needed makeover. I find with kids, things need updating and freshening up more often than any other room.

I worked with Cox and Cox on this makeover and although this blog post was not part of the required content, I am marking this as an AD.

The first thing is did was repaint the whole room. It needed lightening up but to do all four walls in white would have been a bit bland so I decided to use up some paint I had in the cupboard and create a retro rainbow-esq mural over the bed area.

Mack’s new bed is a wooden house bed that’s sadly now out of stock at Cox and Cox, they do however have a similar one due in any day now. I added drapes to the bed to create a canopy using some muslin fabric I got from eBay. The gold sun light is from Urban Outfitters.

The duvet cover is a beautiful indigo blue linen from Cox and Cox, the quality is amazing and if you’ve ever owned linen bedding, you’ll know how luxurious it is. The white versions of Mack’s duvet cover is now on sale. The long cushion on his bed is similar to this one.

Let’s move on to the bedside area. The bedside table is beautifully made with a chevron effect. The quality is outstanding too. Above the bedside is an oak peg rail which is a lovely way to display things.

I created a work space for Mack do school work and to allow him to be creative. The Lotte Desk from Cox and Cox is ideal for small spaces as it’s compact but has an upper tier and 2 drawers for storage. Again the quality is stunning. To compliment the desk I added a woven wicker dining chair to introduce a bit of texture. Above Mack’s desk is a poster from Gayle Mansfield Designs and the pen pots are from Rex London.

I covered the wall units that were already on the wall using some retro 70s inspired wallpaper called ‘keep on rollin’ from Lust Home.

On the floor I have used a vintage rug I picked up from an antiques shop underneath the Lotte desk and the gorgeous soft rug beside the bed is the Ada rug from Cox and Cox.

One of my favourite things in the room has to be the Toadstool storage basket from Cox and Cox. They have other designs too and are such a great addition to a child’s room.

If I have missed anything off that you would like to know more info on then please do let me know.

I hope you enjoyed this makeover.

Until next time,

Hayley x


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