How to turn a bath mat in to a cushion…

How to turn a bath mat in to a cushion…

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I couldn’t help but notice how many gorgeous bath mats there are around at the moment and have wanted to turn one in to a cushion for ages but wasn’t sure my sewing machine would be up to the job.

That’s when I started to think about other ways I could do it without having to sew and remembered that you can get self adhesive Velcro, so I thought, other than a few quid, what have I got to lose by giving it a try.

I got the Velcro from Amazon and it arrived in 2 rolls, one roll for the hook (the stretchy side) and one for the loop (the fluffy side.)

This is such an easy DIY that choosing your bath mat is probably the hardest part. That’s why I’ve selected a few of my favourites to help you out.

The one I have used is the coco bath mat from Peachy Parrot who sell gorgeous, brightly coloured, ethically sourced textiles.

Some other bath mats that would make gorgeous cushions are this pink and mustard one from Oliver Bonas.

This gorgeous one from Anthropologie

Or for more affordable bath mats, T K Maxx and Homesense have a great selection starting at around £9.99.

Once you have your bath mat and have measured it, you’ll need a cushion to go inside. You can pick these up fairly cheaply from eBay or shops like Dunelm but if you’re wanting to fill it for free, then you could use old towels or clothes to pack out the inside.

Now for the easy part. Cut a strip of the hook and a strip of the loop, measuring the longest side of the mat. Stick one piece on the front side of the mat and one side on the back and press firmly to stick. You’ll be surprised how well it adheres.

Next turn the mat so that it’s upside down and pop the cushion in the middle. Then, put a piece of hook Velcro on the mat at each end of the cushion and a piece of loop Velcro at the top and bottom of it.

Finally, fold the mat to meet in the middle, press the Velcro together firmly along the middle and again at each end and there you have it, a beautiful, bohemian style cushion.

I hope you have enjoyed this easy peasy DIY tutorial.

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