My top 10 door knocker finds…

So many people ask me where I got my camel door knocker from and the answer is, it’s a rare, original 1970s knocker from Etsy that I found during lockdown. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it.

Image credit – James Gardiner

It made me wonder what other beautiful door knockers there are out there just waiting to grace people’s front doors. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to unearth the most quirky, original and beautiful door knockers on Etsy and present them to you.

So without further ado and in no particular order, here are my top 10 door knocker finds.

*This post contains affiliate links where I will make a small commission if you choose to purchase.

1. Rock on door knocker

For the rock lovers out there! And for the people haters, there are some less friendly hand gestures from the same seller that you might want to check out!

2. Scallop shell door knocker

Whether you’re a seaside lover or just adore anything shell shaped, there is no denying that this scallop shell door knocker is very cute!

3. Salvaged bagpipe player door knocker

Now this one is special, especially if you or a family member play the bagpipes. This is one of a kind vintage, so if it speaks to you, you know what to do!

4. Big Ben brass door knocker

Another vintage find and perfect for those living in London is this Big Ben door knocker. I actually came across quite a few landmark door knockers on Etsy, so worth a search, if you’re after something specific.

5. Brass ship door knocker

Maybe you live by the sea or just love ships, if so, this one is for you.

6. Brass camel door knocker

I’m yet to find another door knocker the same as mine but this camel knocker is just as beautiful.

7. Frog door knocker

For a whimsical touch to your front door, this frog knocker is perfect.

8. Chameleon door knocker

This is a Ghanaian Ashanti Brass door knocker and it is sooooo cute!

9. Sun and moon cast iron door knocker

Another whimsical one, this cast iron sun and moon knocker is the perfect way to add a celestial touch to your front door.

10. Knock knock door knocker

And one that would look great on any door is this Knock Knock door knocker.

I’d love to know which one is your favourite?

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