My Tile Collection

The Bohemia Collection is inspired by my love for artisan tiles, vibrant colour and pattern from around the world. I worked hand in hand with Maitland & Poate to curate a unique and stunning collection. Handmade using traditional material, pigments and techniques.

There are 6 designs and 18 tiles within this collection.

Allow me to introduce them…

Gracia Verde Tile
Gracia Azul Tile
Gracia Rosa Tile
Madre Azul Tile
Madre Mostaza Tile
Madre Verde Tile
Coraje Verde Tile
Coraje Rosa Tile
Coraje Terracotta Tile
Coraje Azul Tile
Viage Verde Tile
Viage Azul Tile
Eterna Rosa Tile
Eterna Azul Tile
Eterna Verde Tile
Tierra Azul Tile
Tierra Verde Tile
Tierra Rosa Tile

You can shop the collection at


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